Pocket Paradigms for Biblical Greek


It’s been a few weeks, and I’m finally finished. In my spare time I’ve been putting together a little book of Greek paradigms to aid me in reading through the Greek New Testament. For a few years I’ve been looking for a pocket handbook for paradigms, similar to Mark Futato’s Pocket Paradigms for Biblical Hebrew, but haven’t found anything comparable. And since it’s annoying to lug around textbooks all the time, I compiled charts from a few standard textbooks, and with the magic of Microsoft Publisher, produced a Pocket Paradigms for Biblical Greek. (This confirms my descent into extreme nerdom.) If anyone has come across a paradigms book for Greek, I’d be very interested to take a look at it, to compare what it includes, and all that.



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2 responses to “Pocket Paradigms for Biblical Greek

  1. I bet you know Martin Culy. A friend of mine who was dreaming of going to seminary took a buss from Seattle to Briercrest several years ago to visit. Not all dreams come true however.

    • Luke

      Yes, I do! He’s a great teacher; a definite asset to the seminary! (And a big reason for why I’m considering seminary at Briercrest.) Hopefully your friend will find his way here again.

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