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Pocket Paradigms for Biblical Greek


It’s been a few weeks, and I’m finally finished. In my spare time I’ve been putting together a little book of Greek paradigms to aid me in reading through the Greek New Testament. For a few years I’ve been looking for a pocket handbook for paradigms, similar to Mark Futato’s Pocket Paradigms for Biblical Hebrew, but haven’t found anything comparable. And since it’s annoying to lug around textbooks all the time, I compiled charts from a few standard textbooks, and with the magic of Microsoft Publisher, produced a Pocket Paradigms for Biblical Greek. (This confirms my descent into extreme nerdom.) If anyone has come across a paradigms book for Greek, I’d be very interested to take a look at it, to compare what it includes, and all that.



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Textkit – Greek and Latin

This is a great resource I came across lately. I’m sure it’s not new to some of you, but if it is, do check it out! There are all sorts of downloadable resources for learning Greek and Latin. Most significant, in my opinion, are the composition workbooks. These workbooks, such as North and Hillard’s and Sidgwick’s, have been in use for over 100 years, going back to a time when kids learned Greek and Latin in elementary school. Where’s a Delorian when you need one?! I’ve taken plenty of Greek classes while at Briercrest College, but I still find my recall of vocabulary and verb forms to be a touch dodgey. I figure that learning to write, instead of just to read, Greek will help it all along. Do check out Textkit. It’s a candy store for nerdy academic kids!

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